What is Banyan?

Banyan is a health tech company. We help healthcare providers create patients for life by humanizing the patient experience and improving patient engagement and outcomes. Our services include automated marketing, reputation management and patient communications solutions—all from a single source—to deliver better care with less cost and overhead.

Our Solutions

These solutions include a HIPAA-compliant social media app, social signs and campaigns, online reviews, patient information pop-ups, two-way texting, appointment reminders, listings and websites. In addition, Banyan’s client success coaches teach providers how to connect with patients on a personal level for profitable lifelong provider-patient relationships.

“Our goal is to make the patient experience more real, relatable and human. We do that by helping doctors connect with patients online and offline.”

Carine ClarkCEO

Treat patients like people, not symptoms.

Patients are more open to sharing their experiences through social media and reviews when they feel you care about them.

Technology alone isn't enough. Behavior change drives success.

We invest time in helping our clients learn how to use our technology so they can maximize their results with our tools.

Patients may let down their doctors, but they won't let down their friends.

When patients trust you, they’re more accepting of your treatment recommendations and they’re more likely to complete follow-up care.

Origin Story

Humanizing healthcare one patient at a time

The inspiration for Banyan came naturally to Tom Clark. The son of a successful dentist, Tom saw firsthand the dramatic impact caring providers can have on their patients. Tom observed the transformation his dad’s patients experienced and their heartfelt appreciation for his care, some of them weeping when they saw their new smiles for the first time.

Tom wondered why his dad’s practice wasn’t sharing these moments of appreciation online so more patients could see what was possible. In the process, Tom wanted to help healthcare become more human by celebrating doctors who treat patients as people, not symptoms.

At that time, a few practices were using social media to share patients’ stories online. Tom teamed up with co-founders Brandon Andra and Steve Miller to provide a HIPAA-compliant way for practices to quickly post patient photos and share their stories. Tom and his team created a social media platform that rewards the most deserving doctors. The physicians and staff members who genuinely care about their patients find it comfortable to ask patients to take a photo with them and provide reviews, based on the personalized care patients have received.

Building on its success in bringing social media to dentists, Banyan has expanded its services. The company now offers best-in-class marketing, reputation management and patient communication solutions. These solutions work together to improve patient engagement and build trust with healthcare providers across a variety of specialties. This helps providers deliver better outcomes for patients and turn them into advocates.

In addition, Banyan’s success coaches teach providers how to maximize the value from our technology. By making the behavior changes needed to connect with patients on a personal level, our clients form lasting relationships with their patients.

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