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10 Easy Facebook Features You Should Be Using Now

What are your most used Facebook features? We’re guessing you probably post more video and photos than anything else.

Congratulations—that’s a great strategy for engaging your followers.

But if variety is the spice of life, your posts can also benefit from these additional Facebook features.

Newest Facebook Features

Each time you post on Facebook, you’ll typically see three posting options at the bottom of your ‘create post’ box:

Facebook features, social posts

Most businesses know how to post videos and photos. They also understand how to tag friends and customers or use the check-in feature.

But what about the ellipsis button?

Turns out, there are a whole lot of Facebook features hidden behind that ellipsis, if you’re willing to try them out.

Facebook posting features, drop-down menu, Facebook posts

Some of these posting features are self-explanatory (e.g., advertise your business, add directions)—but what about the newer choices? Let’s check them out.

1. Watch Party

Want to watch a video with all your Facebook followers? Check out the Watch Party feature, which syncs your followers with you and lets them respond within a shared comment section.

When you click on Watch Party, here’s what you’ll see:

Facebook Watch Party feature

Next, upload the video you want to share. Add a catchy title plus a description (or instructions). Then, post the video and start the conversation.

Here’s how it might work:

Let’s say you’re holding a Q & A about a specific product or service. You upload a video that shares a few key features or talking points. Maybe the video even asks the questions you want to ask viewers.

Or another scenario: You upload a quickie tutorial on an important topic you know your customers are interested in, and then converse and answer questions.

It’s also fun to invite a co-host, special guest, or celebrity to join your Watch Party. Think webinar, but faster and easier.

2. Start a Q & A

For a question-and-answer format that doesn’t synch users’ feeds, use Facebook’s Q & A feature.

But before you jump right in, tip off followers that you’ll be holding a Q & A about a certain topic.

Then, when you’re ready, click the Q & A option, let your audience know you’re ready to answer questions, and click ‘continue.’ Finally, click ‘publish.’

P.S. Add a photo to your Q & A for greater interest and visibility.

Facebook Q & A feature

When a viewer asks a question, simply click ‘reply’ to submit your answer and then tap ‘publish.’

When you’re ready to end the Q & A, just post a comment like “Thanks for joining the Q & A today. We’ll be back next week at the same time!”

Of course, followers may still post questions, which you should respond to as soon as you’re able.

3. List

A Facebook list is a great way to connect to followers in a more personal and engaging way. Here’s how it works:

Click on ‘lists’ and scroll through multiple prompts. You can also create a list using your own title.

Facebook lists option

Once you click a list topic or create your own, you’ll see a screen similar to this one, where you’ll be prompted to enter your list items:

Facebook lists

Next, choose your color preference as a background to your list and click ‘publish’ at the bottom of the screen.

4. Add a Milestone

Also new is the Facebook Milestone feature, which lets you add an important event that happened in the past (you can’t create a Milestone post for a future event).

Once you click the Milestone feature, you should see this screen:

Facebook Milestone, Facebook features

Most Facebook specialists recommend you post your business’s launch date as your first milestone—with the following distinction:

“If you plan to add Milestones that date back farther than when you opened your business, make the first Milestone date as far back as you can.” – Porterfield, Khare, Vahl

Note: The more engaging your milestone, the more you should post it during times when the majority of your followers will be online.

Click Facebook Milestones for more ideas on this feature.

5. Tag Product

Have a new product in your Estore? Now you can tag it in an engaging photo.

You’ve probably tagged a Facebook user before. However, for product tags, you’ll need to create an automated feed via Facebook Business Manager.

Once you’ve automated your products, you’re ready for the easy part: tagging.

To start, open up a new Facebook post, click on ‘Tag Product,’ and upload a photo or photos of your featured product(s).

Product Tagging, Facebook

You should see a popup window that lets you click and tag particular products within your photo.

Finally, save and post the results.

Revamped Facebook Features

Facebook has also updated some features you may be familiar with; namely, Notes and Polls.

6. Write Note

Some small businesses have tried blogging, only to realize that they just can’t make it happen consistently. That’s where Facebook Notes can help.

Essentially, Facebook Notes offers the look of a blog post for half the effort.

Let’s say your business offers a side service or unusual product that you want to explain in more detail than you could on a short Facebook post. Why not use the Note feature to create a quasi-blog post?

Likewise, Facebook Notes can be a great place for telling a compelling story, as Bill Gates did several years ago:

Bill Gates, Facebook Notes

Notes can also be a great place for a thematic or recurring post, such as a weekly recap of great articles your customers would love. Why not?

If nothing else, read these Tips for Using Facebook Notes and get inspired.

7. Poll

If you still haven’t conducted a poll on Facebook, what are you waiting for?

According to BuzzSumo, questions get more likes than all other post types. And there’s no better example of this than a Facebook poll.

Thanks to Facebook’s user-friendly options, polling your followers is a snap. Just click the ‘Poll’ option:

Facebook poll

Next, choose your polling topic and responses, along with a couple of fun photos or GIFs:

Facebook poll example, holiday music

Don’t forget to choose how long you want your poll to run (see timeframe button just below first poll answer, above). Facebook will automatically publish poll results at that time.

For more great poll topics, check out this post.

Tried and True Facebook Features

So far, we’ve covered a few of the newer posting features on Facebook.

Now’s the time to cover a few more familiar options, including Facebook ads, posts with specific CTA buttons, and fundraisers.

8. Advertise Your Business

Have you ever boosted a Facebook post? If so, you’ve already experimented with Facebook advertising.

Using your menu of Facebook features, you can also click ‘Advertise Your Business’ to explore further options:

Facebook ads

To help you decide what kind of ad to run, Facebook asks you to choose a primary goal (see above).

Once you click on a goal—let’s say you want more web visitors—Facebook will take you to an ‘ad creative’ page, where you can choose your URL, ad format, image, headline, text, call to action, and budget.

On the right side, Facebook also previews what your ad will look like on a desktop feed vs. mobile.

Promote your website, Facebook ad

To learn more about advertising on Facebook, check out this AdEspresso playbook.

9. Get Calls/Messages

While we’re on the subject of ads, let’s consider your call to action.

Whether you want to get more phone calls or have customers message you, Facebook makes either option easy:

Get messages on Facebook, Facebook for business

Just click either ‘Get Messages’ or ‘Get Calls’ to switch up your call to action, change out your video, and more.

10. Support Nonprofit

Finally, now’s a great time of year to encourage your followers to contribute to a good cause. With Facebook’s ‘Support a Nonprofit’ option, it’s simple to do.

First, click on ‘Support Nonprofit’ in your list of Facebook features.

Facebook will then prompt you to enter a charity of your choice. We chose “Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.”

Support Nonprofit Facebook feature

Facebook makes it easy to reach supporters, collect donations, and raise money. Happily, they also charge no fees if you make donations to a nonprofit.

To learn more, read Facebook’s page on charitable giving.


What are your favorite (and most engaging) Facebook features? Share them on your Facebook page and tag @BanyanSocial in the comments!

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