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Banyan Pledges Support for Utah Governor’s IT Pathways Program

Banyan proudly joins Utah’s leading tech companies in supporting tech education.

Today Banyan is excited to announce its support for the State of Utah’s IT Pathways Program. IT Pathways is a partnership between local tech companies and education providers to facilitate technical training for Utah’s tech workforce. The program, formed by Utah’s  Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and Silicon Slopes, a nonprofit organization that empowers Utah’s tech community, is designed to fulfill the growing demands for educated tech talent in Utah.

“The IT Pathways Program will fill critical workforce needs in our state and will help to ensure the continued success of Utah’s tech industry,” said Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert. “This program will be an important investment—for education, for our growing workforce, for the IT industry and for economic opportunity—in other words, for Utah’s future.”

As a growing influence in the state’s tech community, Banyan is proud to participate in the program, alongside an impressive group of Utah’s top tech companies. “Banyan cares deeply about helping Utah’s tech community thrive,” said Banyan CEO Carine Clark, “both as a rewarding employer and as a champion for advancing technical education and employment opportunities throughout the state.”

In the last few years, Utah has established itself as a top U.S. destination of tech talent. A 2016 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Utah as the state with the highest percentage tech job growth in the nation at 7.69 percent. The state boasts over 4,000 software and information technology companies, which account for more than 68,000 jobs. The governor’s IT Pathways program will help to ensure the continued growth of of Utah’s tech industry .

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