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Industry Update: Google Changes Its Reviews Policy


If you’re someone who pays attention to Google announcements, maybe you’ve already heard something about its proposed changes to the online reviews process.

Here’s how these changes may play out:

Instead of “Would you recommend our clinic?,” patients will be asked a more open-ended question, like “How was your experience?” Then, patients may click buttons that let them review your practice on Google or Facebook–and even connect to you directly if they want to leave additional feedback.

So, why the change? Simple: it factors into the latest Google update.

Google Adds to Its Terms of Service

As Google works to provide a great experience for its users, it has revisited the way customers provide online reviews.

Basically, now businesses need to ask all customers for reviews in a neutral way so that customers can provide even more authentic responses.

That’s why “How was your experience?” or another open-ended question is so great; it invites each patient to give a more candid response.

Of course, Google already has other criteria in place to help your practice. For instance, Google recommends that businesses should only ask one customer at a time for reviews. Luckily, that’s what your practice already does through the Banyan app, so this criterion isn’t really a change. It’s just a reminder not to solicit reviews in bulk.

Here’s how Google explains its newest policy (see the outlined bullet point, below):

Google reviews policy April 2018

Our Response to Google’s Announcement

At Banyan, we want your experience to be easy and convenient. That’s why we’re responding to Google’s latest announcement so you can move through your day with fewer hassles.

For now, you won’t notice any changes to the app. Just carry on as usual. Watch for more announcements from us in the future.

As always, if you have questions about any upcoming updates, please reach out to us! We want to help you feel comfortable with any changes we make.

Thanks for being an awesome part of our Banyan family!


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