Practice of the Month: Synergy Dental Center

Synergy Dental

Synergy Dental Center in Gillette, Wyoming, has received 41 new Google reviews from patients since receiving their Banyan training just one month ago. They’ve also received as many as 30 Facebook page likes in just one week. According to Front Office Coordinator, Danielle Mullen, team buy-in has made all the difference: “It was a lot easier and faster than we thought it would be, but it takes the whole office. We’ve always been an amazing practice, but now we’re getting credit for it.”

Dr. David Porter is very patient-and goal-oriented. After searching for tools that could help his practice stand out online, Dr. Porter selected Banyan as his success partner. Under Dr. David Porter’s leadership, all 11 staff members participated in the Banyan kick-off meeting and committed to practicing the success behaviors Banyan taught them. In addition, Dr. Porter provided some team-based incentives that motivated everyone to work together to hit their reviews and social media goals (pedicures anyone?). Most importantly, involving patients has helped the practice grow its relationships.

In just one month, the practice increased its Google reviews from 13 to 54 and grew their Facebook reviews from 30 to 49. They also received 14 Facebook page likes in just one week—and received 30 likes the week before that.

Synergy Dental’s successful behaviors have included:

  • Inviting patients who were impressed with their service to take a photo and post a review.
  • Using Banyan’s review request platform to automatically invite patients to share reviews.
  • Sending follow-up review requests.
  • Placing review request signage throughout the office.
  • Conducting a drawing for a Sonic toothbrush, including all patients who posted a review, regardless of whether the review was positive or negative.
  • Inviting patients to like the photos the practice posted to its Facebook page.
  • Encouraging their office staff members to invite their friends and family members to like their Facebook page.
  • Displaying Banyan’s “Like Us for Lunch” sign in their lobby and entered participating patients’ names into a drawing for a free lunch.
  • Identifying patients who are likely to post a review during their daily team huddles.
  • Rewarding staff members with perks and cash awards when when they’ve met their collective goals.

By following these best practices synergistically, Synergy is well on its way to accomplishing its ambitious goals to improve its online presence and reputation. Success is within reach when you consistently work towards achieving your goals as a team.

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