How to Create a Poll on Your Facebook Page

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As a business, it means a lot when customers or patients engage with your social content. You’re on the top of the world, and so—apparently—is your Facebook page.

Then there are the days when you struggle to post anything at all. Staff motivation is at an all-time low. Or the social campaign you thought would be a big hit turns out to be a flop.

If only you had a crystal ball so you could know what drives your patients or customers. What do they want? What will they respond to?

During times like these, marketers often turn to email surveys for answers. But many customers don’t even open the email, much less complete the survey. Is there an easier way to gather feedback?

Behold, the Facebook poll!

It’s not that your customers don’t like questions. Quite the opposite, in fact. When BuzzSumo studied some 800 million social media posts, results showed that question posts are tops for creating social engagement online.

The problem is, most people think an email survey will take too long. But a Facebook poll? That’s quick and easy—not to mention fun.

The Question Is …

By now, you’re probably wondering what questions will capture the interest of your Facebook followers. The following prompts can help you create engaging poll questions:

“Would you rather …?”

This comparative question can help you gauge interest in a variety of topics, from pop culture to customer preferences (e.g., “Would you rather: have mint or fruit-flavored fluoride treatments?”)

“Have you ever …?”

Use this prompt to find out more about your customers’ interests, hobbies, or topics related to your business (e.g., “Have you ever: cracked a tooth?”)

“My favorite ____ is …”

This question is helpful if you want to crowdsource responses on products or services. But you can also use it just to have fun (e.g., “My favorite relaxing activity is: watching Netflix or reading a book”).

“My experience today was … “

This particular prompt can serve as a casual review or help you gather information about customer service in general (“My experience today was: relaxed or stressful” or “My experience today was: quick or time-consuming.”)

“Which is most important to you?”

Use this question to gain insight into various products/services you offer. Or—use it to have a little fun (e.g., “Which is most important to you—a sparkling smile or fresh breath?”)

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to Facebook polls. For more ideas, check out this SurveyMonkey article.

Ready, Set, Poll

Now that you have questions in mind, here’s how to create a simple, 1-question Facebook poll for your patients or customers:

1. First, log in to Facebook and go to your business page.

2. In the ‘Write a Post’ section, click on the ellipses (circled below) to view all options for your post.


Facebook poll


3. Click on the ‘Poll’ icon in the left column (see ‘A,’ below).

4. Enter your question in the ‘Ask Something’ box (see ‘B,’ below).


Facebook poll options


5. Next, enter two possible answers as directed (see ‘C,’ above).

6. Attach a photo or a GIF using buttons on the right (see ‘D,’ above). Be creative!

7. Use the drop-down menu to choose how long your poll will be available (see ‘E,’ above).

8. Finally, you can publish your poll right away or schedule it to go live at a later time (see below).


Schedule feature, Facebook poll

Tips for Success

Here are a few final reminders for current and future Facebook polls:

Keep it simple

Offer clear ‘either/or’ choices in your poll. Followers may not engage with your poll if neither answer quite fits how they’re feeling.

Keep it real

Social media users are on high alert for personal information grabs, which means they’re less likely to participate if your poll seems invasive. Ask questions you really want answers to, whether you’re giving clues to a social media contest or gathering input on products and services.

Keep it purposeful

Decide what you hope to get from the poll. Is it loyalty? Feedback? Brand exposure? Knowing your purpose helps you focus on getting the most useful information for your business.

Once you close your poll, use the data to help your business grow and reach its potential. This strategy will determine the types of questions you ask in the future.

social media

Polls can be a great way to boost social media engagement and gain valuable insights into current and prospective customers. Now that you know how it’s done, go ahead and put Facebook polling to work for you.


P.S. Want to go more in-depth with Facebook polls? Consider using additional Facebook apps like  Polls for Pages or Simple Polls. And have fun!

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