What is Banyan?

"Our goal is to make the customer experience more real, relatable, and human. We do that by helping businesses connect with customers online and offline."
— Carine Clark, CEO

The inspiration for Banyan came naturally to Tom Clark. The son of a successful dentist, Tom saw firsthand the transformation his dad’s patients experienced and their heartfelt appreciation for his care. Some patients wept when they saw their new smiles for the first time. Tom’s question was, “Why aren’t we sharing these moments so more patients can see them?”

At the time, a few practices were using social media to share patients’ stories online. Tom teamed up with co-founders Brandon Andra and Steve Miller to provide a HIPAA-compliant way to quickly post patient photos, share stories, and ask for reviews.

Since then, Banyan has built upon its “branch out” motto with expanded services that include best-in-class marketing, reputation management, and customer communication solutions. Banyan teaches businesses how to use technology to improve online visibility, connect with customers on a personal level, and build relationships that last a lifetime.

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