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Modern Marketing for Healthcare Practices

The best doctors deserve the best patients — appreciative patients who keep appointments, follow treatment plans, enjoy successful outcomes and pay on time. When quality patients search for doctors online, they want to see who you are and what patients say about you. Positive patient reviews and social media posts provide social proof that you do good work and that you’re a good person — so new patients know, like and trust you.

This eBook is modern marketing made easy for healthcare practices. It shows doctors how to build a trustworthy online reputation that naturally attracts the best patients. See how to leverage your best patients’ trusted relationships with friends and family. Learn how to combine Banyan’s HIPAA-compliant social media app (the only one of its kind) with Banyan’s review request app to celebrate patient relationships and make your practice stand out.

Learn the Secrets to Better Marketing

  • Grow your practice through social media.
  • Build trust with new and existing patients.
  • Use Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews to boost your search rankings.
  • Ensure correct Name, Address and Phone info across 70+ online Listing Services.
  • Open a window into your practice with a personalized website.

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Modern Marketing for Healthcare Practices

Learn the secrets to better marketing.

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