Automate personalized patient communications to deepen relationships.

Patients who feel cared for keep more of their commitments.

Patients who feel they have a good relationship with their medical practitioner are more likely to keep their appointments and make timely payments.

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Pop-up windows help you recognize who patients are and what they need.

When a patient calls, our Screen Pop system pops up their profile info on your computer screen, so you can recognize them and remember their unique needs.

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Send two-way texts from your existing office phones.

Now you don’t have to change phone systems to send two-way texts from your office. Within minutes, enable texting on your office phones.

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Improve your recall efficiency while freeing up your time.

Typically, just one in 20 calls results in an actual conversation. And patients prefer text messages to voicemail anyway.

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Use our custom text messaging templates to send timely, relevant messages.

Schedule texts for times when more patients are likely to respond, and send relevant offers that are tailored to their specific interests and life stages.

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