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Automatically Post patient photos the HIPAA-compliant way

Banyan offers the world's only HIPAA-compliant photo sharing app. Automatically publish authorized patient photos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—and file them—in seconds, not minutes, with a single digital signature.

And Banyan keeps you compliant with changing HIPAA regulations so you never have to worry about being out of compliance with Federal regulations. Why take chances?

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Outrank Rivals with Banyan Reviews

Banyan makes it easy for patients to post a review of your practice before they leave your office.

Google Reviews increase your Google search ranking and clicks more than any other factor. In addition to HIPAA-compliant photos, Banyan also sends a text to patients requesting that they review your practice on Google Reviews.

This simple, one-step process increases patient-review conversion rates because they review your practice quickly—before life's distractions take over.

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Stand Out With Engaging Social Media Signs & Campaigns

We provide all the social media sign and campaigns you need to sustain a compelling online presence.

To build an engaged social media following, you need to create engaging social media campaigns on a regular basis. But who has the time?

We know you're busy, so we ship pre-printed social media signs and campaigns to you. That way, you can establish a steady drumbeat of real, relevant content instead of the generic jokes, promotions and articles that no one notices.

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"Thanks to Banyan, we are already dominating the local dental market. We're getting quality reviews with the pictures and contests—it's so easy to have our patients write a review in the office through the Banyan app, right when they are in the excitement of everything. The app is gold."

Adam Wright
Yost Family Dental

Publish accurate practice information across all online listings

Make sure your online practice listings are always accurate. Sign up for Banyan’s OneListing service so patients can find you.

Scan your business listing now to view your information across the web.

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