Social Media Marketing for Doctors: The New Patient Word of Mouth

Social media. It's not just for teenagers and soccer moms anymore. Modern doctors’ offices also use this monster communications channel to create awareness, generate more revenue and manage patient perceptions of their operations. Social media engages patients of all ages and all walks of life for several hours each day

Consider these facts:

Overview of People
Who Use Social Media

The interesting thing to note about all of these patients is that they're not just texting, they're using a variety of social media platforms to find content such as reviews, articles, photos, videos and more. Just look at your waiting room and you'll see people who are highly engaged with their smart phones. Our goal is to help you become a natural part of the content patients encounter online in the form of HIPAA-compliant patient photos on social media, real-time reviews, correct practice listings and personalized websites.

What can Social Media do for your Practice?

Social media is the best way for doctors to tell their stories online in a way that helps patients feel personally connected to them. Engaging social media posts talk for you when you can't be there in person. Social media opens a window into your practice so that people can view you and your team and the amazing connections you’ve made with your patients. Social media does what no other medium can do to bring your practice alive in the minds of patients and potential patients. This window gives people a view into your healthy patient relationships that they won’t see driving by your office or looking you up in a directory. Social media makes your practice real and relatable and that's the best kind of first impression.

In addition to helping generate new patients, social media can help you nurture your relationships with your current patient base, too. Depending on the frequency of your social media activity, you can give regular reminders of available care to show that you're invested in their well-being. Social media is also a great vehicle to share news and updates from your practice. Perhaps someone on your team achieves a new certification level or maybe you've invested in new equipment that will provide better care. Patients will appreciate you keeping them informed and will feel further engaged with your practice.

Patients love hearing about positive experiences

Nothing speaks to patients quite like hearing success stories from people like them. Banyan makes it easy to share real moments of patient success—at the height of their appreciation—online, where new patients hang out. Banyan's marketing services boost the online presence of your practice by helping you stand out when someone searches online for a doctor like you.

Nothing brings medical teams together quite like social media

If you want almost instant communication with your medical staff, social media is the ticket. And it's called social for good reason. Just look around your office. Chances are, most of your staffers are engaged at some point during the day with social media. That's what makes it such a natural, fun tool to encourage your medical staff to capture moments of celebration with patients and to foster team unity.

Stand out with engaging social media signs and campaigns

Part of maintaining an effective practice marketing plan for your doctor’s office is to come up with creative ideas for your social media posts. Banyan has the tools you'll need to share your enthusiasm with your patients through high-quality, ready-to-use social media signs and campaigns. Our signs are targeted for special occasions—and everyday moments—that engage patients in co-creating effective healthcare marketing campaigns. Banyan keeps the ideas flowing so the social media for your practiced always looks fresh to your readers. Plus, you and your practice will look polished and professional, which will help attract new patients. We know you're busy, so we ship pre-printed, seasonally-relevant social media signs and campaigns to you on a regular basis. That way, you can establish a steady drumbeat of real, relevant content instead defaulting to the generic jokes, promotions and articles that no one notices.

Take your story to where patients live online: social media

If you still wonder whether social media is appropriate for your practice, it's time to get real. Real about who you are. Real about your patients. And real about the power of perception and persuasion inherent in authentic social media. Your best patients are already on social media and they're connected to thousands of friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. These are exactly the kinds of trusted connections you can leverage with social media to grow your practice profitably.

When you generate enthusiasm for your practice among your best patients, you'll soon be seeing more of those types of patients. And it's all because you found a way to show you care with a carefully crafted social media program.

Social Proof Your Practice


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