Make sure your practice listings are consistent in all channels

Healthcare practitioners fall into that category of local businesses where it can be very challenging to generate new business. Long gone are the days when prospective patients could find a new practice or service simply by looking in the Yellow Pages of their phone book. It's a digital world, and people go online to find practically everything they need. So as a practice owner or office manager, doesn't it make sense to be where people are looking for you?

One important way that healthcare practices can be found is by being listed in online directories. That's where they have the best chance of being found when people are ready to make a healthcare decision. So, just list your business and get on with it, right? Not so fast. There are now 70+ listing services available, and it's nearly impossible to manage those listings one at a time. You have probably heard of Yelp, and Bing. But what about MojoPages, Get Fave or Hotfrog?

Not only are the directories changing all the time, most of the time practice listings are manually entered, and there's a good chance that different people in the practice are creating the information. The result? Inconsistency. Inaccuracy. And limited reach.

Sadly, 84% of practice listings are incomplete or inaccurate. Banyan's OneListing service helps to ensure that the information in your practice listings is accurate and consistent. When you sign up with our OneListing service, your practice's name, address and phone number information will be listed accurately across more than 70 online listing services.

You can also include photos of your practice in your listings to make them more engaging. With just one click, you can automate ongoing accuracy. This process used to take hours and hours to input manually, and couldn't prevent automated databases from reverting to incorrect information without warning.

Publish accurate practice information across all online listings

Make sure your online practice listings are always accurate. Sign up for Banyan’s OneListing service so patients can find you.

  • 85% of practice listings are incomplete or inaccurate.
  • Prevent data aggregators from misrepresenting you.
  • Ensure that your practice name, address and phone number are correct.
  • Automatically publish accurate practice information across all online listings with just one click.
  • Includes photos.

Make sure that your practice has a local marketing presence everywhere so that potential patients can find you. It may seem like a small thing but, it's critical to ensuring consistency and accurate exposure.

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