What Google Reviews are, and Why they Matter

Google has become the go-to source for almost anything when we're searching on the web. Looking for a restaurant, hotel, florist and any other types of local businesses, Google is probably the entry point that a potential customer has with a business. And once we've identified a business we may want to engage with, we look for the Google reviews posted on that business. Learning about other people's experiences with the business will help us make choices we feel comfortable with.

Naturally, Google reviews are favored by the Google search engine so if you want your practice to be found by new patients, it just makes sense to make sure it has more and more positive Google reviews. This is especially true for small businesses whose patients rely on the feedback of other people who have accessed your services. A recent local consumer review survey, show that 88% of people trust reviews found online as much as they do recommendations from people they know. That same study shows that the more positive reviews a business has, the more trustworthy it is considered to be. It also indicates that people read up to six reviews before making a decision to engage with a business.

Outrank Rivals with Banyan Reviews

Banyan makes it easy to boost your Google reviews by providing a solution to help patients to post a review of your practice before they leave your office. Google Reviews increase your Google search ranking and clicks more than any other factor. In addition to HIPAA-compliant photos, Banyan also sends a text to patients requesting that they review your practice on Google Reviews. This simple, one-step process increases patient-review conversion rates because they review your practice quickly—before life's distractions take over.

Raise Your Practice Rankings with Google Reviews

Positive patient experiences shared through social media work for you on a 24/7 basis, especially when those patients post five-star reviews. Our online marketing app makes it easy for your patients to post a great review that will be read by many other people considering engaging with your practice. You can encourage them to share their experiences while those experiences are still top of mind, instead of waiting until after your patients are distracted with everyday life.

The Banyan app will send a text to your patients, asking them to post a review of your practice on Google Reviews. This can be a powerful tactic because Google Reviews increases your Google search ranking and clicks better than anything else. Take the lead over your competitors with this innovative tool and watch patient reviews turn into business results.

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