Banyan Listings

Because customers should be able to find your local business listing in every online search.

Rise above other Google places for business.


Is your business easy to locate online? It’s a given that you’ll add your business to Google. But Banyan Listings also connects you to customers across 70+ web directories.

Don’t lose business because of outdated listings. Banyan intercepts incorrect info so you can rise above the competition.

Everything you need for your local business listing.

Web directories are often outdated and reference bad data. Don’t let outdated information prevent customers from contacting you.

Scan & Protect

Banyan not only searches for your existing business listings, we also lock your information to prevent unauthorized changes.

Stay In Control

Need to change your business info? Populate those changes across every web directory and update via the Banyan dashboard.

Prevent Duplicate listings

Consistent information is important to search engines like Google. That’s why Banyan suppresses all duplicate listings that can hurt your business.

Learn how customers are finding you.

Who’s seeing you on Google, Yelp, or Apple Maps? Use Banyan’s analytics to learn about every click, search term, and online interaction— no matter where customers search.

People are asking about your business.

With Banyan, you can give relevant answers. Give us a call today at (801) 732-2823.