Banyan Social

The easiest way to capture and share authentic content with your customers.

Banyan social software, Hipaa compliance and general media permission feature
What GDPR or HIPAA compliance looks like in the Banyan Social app

Best-in-class HIPAA compliance.

Protect your business with on-the-spot patient consent. Call it Snap, Sign, Share—the most convenient way to stay social while ensuring customer privacy.

Whether your focus is HIPAA or GDPR compliance, Banyan makes it easy to capture and store customer consent.

Instant Self Promotion

You’re too modest to say how awesome you are, so we make it quick and painless.

Publish Everywhere

Expand your reach and improve search rankings by posting to Facebook, Google My Business, and more.

Engage Customers

Automatically text photos to your customers so they can interact with you and easily refer their friends online.

Local branding that stands out.

The fight for local customers is fierce. Separate yourself from the crowd by adding your business watermark and digital stickers to every piece of content.

While you’re at it, establish a consistent brand message with calls to action and hashtags on every post.

Moments that matter.

Increase your online customer engagement by recognizing and capturing relevant moments.

Easy enterprise management.

Everything you need to manage content for 5 locations—or 500.

Curate and Schedule

Review and approve content across locations, then optimize your posting times.

Analyze by Location

Track your reach and engagement with location-specific metrics.

Publish Locally

Publish once to amplify your online presence at every business location.

Manage Campaigns

Control every aspect of your Facebook auto-boosting strategy, all in one place.​

Photo Booth

Engagement in real life.

Our easy-install photo booth makes customer advocacy a snap. Take silly photos, add stickers, and text the results to customers before they go.

Plus, our social signs do the creative thinking for you and add colorful flair to your customer experience.

All the ideas you need

There’s more to your job than social posting, which is why Banyan’s social assistant gives you fresh ideas right when you need them.

Simply watch for new ideas via text message or in the app. To fill in the gaps, we’ll even post seasonal content for you.