Improve your reputation with reviews that will make your mom proud.

To win in a patient-centric world, you need to let patients know how your practice rates online.

Acquire, manage, and monitor positive reviews on every major reviews platform.

Acquire new reviews.

We make it easy for you to turn loyal patients into online advocates for your practice. Easily request reviews as a regular part of the patient experience.

  • Automatically send review requests to new patients via email or text message.
  • Text or email review requests from any computer in the office.
  • Customize the wording of the review request messages you send to patients.
  • See how many reviews have been sent and percent of reviews completed.

Manage existing reviews.

We help you take a proactive approach to your reputation strategy. Organize and respond to reviews to use them to your advantage.

  • Conveniently respond to reviews from dozens of review sites within the app.
  • Park negative reviews until you've had a chance to respond to them.
  • Organize reviews by recency, star rating or alphabetically by customer location.
  • Reply to Google reviews and see your response immediately displayed by Google.

Monitor incoming reviews.

We give you the ability to monitor your reviews to see how they’re performing and take actions in response to them.

  • View your total number of reviews and average star rating for a time period, region, or practice.
  • Pinpoint review performance by practice location so you can quickly align staff behaviors.
  • A heat map shows you the average number of reviews and star rating by location.
  • Automatically analyze your reviews sentiment and visualize over a period of time.
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