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How to grow Facebook page likes for your practice

Increasing your practice’s Facebook Page Likes is one of the most effective ways to reach new patients. Getting more Page Likes will help your practice in the following ways:

  • Expand the size of your online community.
  • Increase your communication with people who have liked your page.
  • Get more community engagement with your posts.

Two main factors drive Facebook Page Likes:

  1. Post frequency
  2. Post quality

Increasing Post Frequency

The best way to increase post frequency is to identify post-friendly patients during your team huddle. By reviewing your appointment schedule in advance, you can identify patients who appreciate your care and are more likely to take a photo with you, using the Banyan app. That way, you can capture more moments more of the time. It’s easy to increase the frequency of your posts when you have a game plan.

The more traffic you drive to your Facebook Page, the more potential patients you’ll reach. And nothing increases traffic better than Facebook Page Likes. That’s because Facebook Page Likes attract your best patients’ friends and family to your practice from a trusted source.

Increasing Post Quality

  1. Share pictures of real people. Taking pictures with patients shows that you care about people and value your relationships with them.
  2. Subtitle the story. Using situation-appropriate social signs provides captions for the backstory behind your photos.
  3. Adjust to your audience. Tailor your photo-taking approach to the comfort level each patient has with social media.

Increasing your post quality will help your practice get the appreciation it deserves. Your quality care deserves quality patients.

Increasing your practice’s Facebook page likes is a great way to reach more patients. Page likes are more important than post likes because they keep you connected with the people who have liked your page.

Two key factors increase page likes:

  1. Post frequency: getting more exposure with more posts
  2. Post quality: capturing moments that matter with your patients

To increase your page likes, set a goal, then determine how many pictures you’ll need to take to achieve it with this simple formula:

Example: If you want 100 Page Likes and you average 10 likes per post (a 10:1 ratio), you’ll need to post 10 pictures to achieve your goal.

Each practice has different dynamics, but real photos are always more engaging than generic content. And posting consistently is always important.

At Banyan, we have a fantastic suite of products that will help you increase your page likes and your social media presence.

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