What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for February

Feeling the January blahs in your social posts?  The Banyan app now contains new, custom-made social content to liven up your feed.

Our designers have been hard at work making February colorful and engaging for you.

Simply use this fresh content whenever you need a cushion between your regular photo and video posts.

Banyan has you covered

It’s great when you can share more customer photos and videos. But when you need something quick, Banyan’s pre-made posts can help.

Just log in to Banyan to see what’s new. Here are four of our favorite pre-made posts for February.

2019 is the Year of the Pig! Wish your followers health and happiness on February 5th:

Year of the Pig, Chinese New Year 2019, Banyan social post

Appeal to your customers’ pop-culture geekiness with a dash of good humor:

Batman and Robin, meme, social media post, Banyan

Get presidential on February 18th with an inspiring view from Mount Rushmore:

Presidents Day, social post, meme, national holidays, Banyan app

Remind your fans that they can do anything they set their mind to do this year:

Runner with artificial legs, Inspiration, motivation, social meme, Banyan app

And just like that, your February social posting just got a little simpler. Check out all our pre-made posts in the app!


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What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for January 2019

Feeling the usual holiday burnout? Thanks to new pre-made posts in the Banyan app, your social media feed can still be on fire.

Face it—sometimes the holiday season can leave you and your customers feeling worn out and ready for hibernation.

Luckily, the Banyan app can help fill the gaps between your next video post or customer photo.

Browse your Banyan app

Once the dust settles from your latest holiday giveaway or round of FSA reminders, you might draw a blank around what to post for January.

No worries; just log in to the Banyan app for fresh ideas. Here are just a few of our newest pre-made posts.

Plug in your New Year’s greeting ahead of time and wish your customers well!

Happy New Year, 2019, Banyan app pre-made post

The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel is the perfect excuse for a thematic post:

Life's a struggle when you're a muggle (Banyan app)

It’s always good to remind your followers that the best days lie ahead:

Will Rogers quote, Banyan 2018

Spur on some New Year’s goals (yours and your followers) with this quote from Walt Disney:

Walt Disney quote, The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing, Banyan 2019

No matter what 2019 brings your way, you’ll be ready to roll with a little help from Banyan.


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Already a Banyan customer? Great news: you can use this feature at no extra cost.

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What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for November

What are you grateful for? Around here, we’re grateful to share new social posts in the Banyan app.

It’s November, which means it’s the month for gratitude posts on Facebook, remembering those who serve our nation, and anticipation of the holiday season.

At Banyan, our designers have created brand-new social posts for the Banyan app—just the thing when your social feed needs a boost.

The Banyan App Has You Covered

Are you so busy preparing for the holiday business rush that you neglect your social feed? We get it. That’s why the Banyan app features new pre-made posts every month.

To see what we’ve created this month, just log in to the app. Meanwhile, here’s a preview of four social posts we especially like.

Motivate your staff and followers to keep going in the face of challenges:

Don't stop until you are proud, Banyan app, pre-made social post

Post an intriguing fact that stimulates curiosity:

Tongue print like snowflake, pre-made social post, Banyan

Show your followers that you’re thankful for them with this peaceful holiday post:

Merry and Bright social post, Banyan

Remind your fans that they can choose a non-Grinchy heart during the Christmas season:

The Grinch, pre-made social posts, Banyan

Before your customers tuck into pumpkin pie this month, they’ll already be feeling the holiday spirit, thanks to the seasonal social posts on your pages.

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What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for October

It’s October—time for crunching through piles of leaves, enjoying fresh apple cider, and making spooky plans for Halloween.

At Banyan, our designers have been busy creating new social posts for October and beyond. Want to share a health-related tip during the month—or get your fans excited about Halloween? We’ve got you covered.

Fresh Social Posts—Readymade by Banyan

Recently, we uploaded new pre-made social media content to the Banyan app. You can check out the full line-up on your own device and look below for several examples.

Inspire your followers with this timeless quote by Aristotle:

Aristotle quote, "Quality Is Not an Act, It Is A Habit," Banyan pre-made social post, October 2018

Hard day? Motivate your team and your customers to do hard things with this fun post:

Social posts by Banyan, Frog looking in a mirror, "I Can Do This"

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Use the following post to inform your customers:

Think Pink, Banyan, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2018

“Edutain” your fans with this whimsical factoid, delivered just in time for Halloween by Frankenstein’s monster:

Frankenstein's monster, did you know, Halloween, social posts

Want more fresh content on your Facebook page? It’s all in the Banyan app. Happy October!

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What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for August

August is upon us! What better excuse to enjoy a final burst of summer activity and maybe a few more trips to the beach before school starts?

Meanwhile, the action on your Facebook page doesn’t need to slow down one bit. Banyan’s colorful pre-made posts will help you change things up in your feed until you can take more great photos of patients and guests.

Browse the Banyan App

Each month, we upload new pre-made social media content to the Banyan app. Check out all the great quotes, memes, and visuals we’ve created, including the sampling shown below.

This peachy post reminds your fans to enjoy the last fruits of summer this August:

National Peach Month, Banyan post


Why not share a few timely ‘beat the heat’ tips with your followers?

beat the heat, Banyan meme


As you can see, August is also a great month for camping out under the stars:

Banyan, mountainscape, camping post


Planning a back-to-school event or promotion? Introduce it with this post:

back pack to school, Banyan post


No matter what’s on your list this August, use your Banyan app to make most of every minute and celebrate moments that matter.

To view more pre-made posts, visit the Banyan app.

What pre-made social content would you like to see in the future? Share your feedback with us.


Banyan Update: A More Intuitive Social App

Say hello to the Banyan update you’ve been waiting for.

More intuitive navigation? Check. Easier sign-and-share experience? Double check. These are only two of many benefits you’ll experience with version 3.0 of the Banyan app.

Watch this short video introduction:

What can I expect from Banyan, version 3.0?

Up until now, you’ve done a lot of swiping left to access different features in your Banyan app. Now, you’re always one or two touches away from everything you need.

Banyan 3.0 update, social media app

Here’s what’s new:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly navigation
  • Faster, easier media creation
  • Improved sign-and-share feature
  • Quicker access to reviews and social
  • Ability to edit multiple photos at once
  • Overview of all your images
  • Overview of multiple stickers
  • Improved photo booth interface
  • Schedule-ahead posting feature
  • Ability to easily connect/disconnect accounts
  • Quick process for switching users
  • Reviews invitations that can include an image
  • Simplified reviews messaging template

Banyan 3.0 update, social app features

Here’s what’s coming next:

In a subsequent Banyan update, you’ll also notice an improved video capture and editing process. Plus other improvements over time that will make social media and reviews even easier.

When will the Banyan update happen?

By now, you’re wondering when you’ll get to use the newest version of Banyan.

On Monday, July 23, 2018 (at 8:00 a.m. EDT), Banyan 3.0 will be ready to go!

Pretty exciting, right?

If your settings automatically update your apps, you’ll see Banyan 3.0 on your device at this time. If not, visit the App Store to download this version of the app. Also, make sure your device has the latest version of iOS.

We’ll be working hard all weekend to make the process as smooth as possible, but you will experience some downtime in the app prior to Monday’s update.

Downtime in the app

Starting at 10 p.m. EDT on July 20, 2018 (Friday), you should avoid using the Banyan app until 8 a.m. EDT on July 23, 2018 (Monday) while the Banyan team completes the update process.

Have questions or concerns about the downtime period? Simply email


Banyan social app, version 3.0

3 Amenities Your Practice Needs, Banyan

3 Amenities Your Practice Doesn’t Need—and 3 It Does

Why do patients enjoy coming to your office? No surprises here—it’s the way you make them feel. And the atmosphere of your practice contributes to that good feeling.

Speaking of atmosphere, let’s talk about your lobby and waiting area. Does it feel more like sitting in the DMV or in the lobby of a luxury hotel? Studies show the atmosphere and attractiveness of your office are strong components of patient satisfaction.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, your patients’ perception of wait time is just as important as the actual minutes that tick by. Amenities in your waiting room can make a big difference in perceived wait time. When your patients are comfortable and entertained, they won’t be checking their watches every two minutes. Additionally, when you do call them back for treatment, they will be in a better mood.
But there are amenities, and then there are … amenities.

The ‘Amenities’ Nobody Needs

Would anybody call the following items amenities? Well, you never know; you’ll find these items in a lot of practices. In any case, these shouldn’t clutter your waiting area:

Old newspapers

Old reading material

If the magazines in your lobby are more than a couple of months old, it’s time to update those subscriptions. Providing patients with a dated experience will not only bore them, it will make your practice seem out of touch. Even something this small can decrease trust and make patients think they aren’t getting the best experience.

Some reading materials, like coffee table books, are more timeless. But when the dust jackets look dog-eared and ragged, update those as well. Get rid of anything with torn pages or ripped covers. You want to give your patients the most enjoyable experience you can.

Policy overkill

While posting your payment policies is a good idea, limit ad hoc signage to a small area of your check-in counter. Displaying multiple payment and cancellation policies in the room can come off as cluttered, even rigid. Overall, avoid too much promotional material on the walls.

Instead, create a restful atmosphere with tasteful art pieces. Muted colors or nature scenes can help your patients feel comfortable and ease concerns about their appointment.

Uncomfortable furniture

plastic waiting room chairs

When choosing your waiting room furniture, think comfort and luxury. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair makes waiting seem longer. Whether the furniture is modern or classic, perform a sit test to see how comfortable your patients will be.

Your waiting room sends your patients messages on a subliminal level. A messy check-in desk can give patients the feeling your staff is inefficient or unreliable. Shabby furniture can suggest your practice is unsuccessful. Put your best foot forward and welcome patients into your practice with well cared for, comfortable furniture.

The Amenities All Practices Should Have

Now that you know what to avoid in your waiting area, let’s get to the items no practice should be without:

Internet access and technology

Free wi-fi is a given these days. A study in Clinic Design found that 57 percent of patients preferred using their mobile phones to traditional waiting room activities like watching television or thumbing through magazines. Providing free office branded wi-fi lets your patients access their own entertainment or work on a laptop, and makes a good impression.
Many offices also provide interactive games and other user-controlled content. Patients can choose the games they’d like to play or shows they’d like to watch.

If you have a television in your lobby, tune in to a patient-friendly channel like the food channel or a travel channel. If you plan to keep the volume low, remember to enable the closed caption setting on the television.

In many practices, check-ins are also going digital. Not only are check-in tablets or kiosks easier for patients, they can also eliminate long lines at the reception desk.

phones charging

Individualized activity zones

Your patients all have unique preferences. Your waiting area should reflect these preferences with individualized zones for various activities.

One of these zones needs to be a kid-friendly area for patients with children. The toys should be large and easy to clean. Avoid toys that can be dropped throughout the waiting room (like blocks or miniature cars). Instead, invest in activity tables, cubes, or stationary whiteboards whose use is restricted to a particular area.

Not everyone likes to sit in front of a TV, so consider a quiet zone for people who want to read or work on their laptop. This zone could even feature bar stools and a table equipped with charging stations.

On the other hand, a selfie station is a fun way to engage with patients right as they come in the door. Set up an iPad stand with the Banyan app in such a way that patients will want to share a selfie on social media. This zone could be equipped with silly touches like funny hats or props to use in the selfies your patients take.

It’s also wise to provide a variety of seating options. Some patients may want to relax on the couch while patients with back or mobility issues might prefer harder chairs that are easy to get in and out of.

Comfortable, stylish seating, waiting room

Drinks and snacks

While a dental practice wouldn’t offer a juice bar, what about a pebble-ice and water dispenser? Depending on the focus of your practice, offering drinks and snacks can go a long way toward helping patients be relaxed, refreshed, and ready for their visit.

A small bowl of sugar-free mints or Trident gum can help self-conscious patients freshen their breath before or after they hit the dentist chair.

Some patients may spend a long time in the office, and so will family members or friends who are waiting in the lobby. Even a simple offer of a drink or snack shows understanding and fosters goodwill.

  Patient entering medical office, Banyan

Your waiting area should welcome patients, help them feel comfortable, and show that you care about them. With the right amenities, your practice will make the patient experience a great one—from start to finish.

What amenities does your practice include? We’d love to know how you’re making your patients feel special every day.