What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for November

What are you grateful for? Around here, we’re grateful to share new social posts in the Banyan app.

It’s November, which means it’s the month for gratitude posts on Facebook, remembering those who serve our nation, and anticipation of the holiday season.

At Banyan, our designers have created brand-new social posts for the Banyan app—just the thing when your social feed needs a boost.

The Banyan App Has You Covered

Are you so busy preparing for the holiday business rush that you neglect your social feed? We get it. That’s why the Banyan app features new pre-made posts every month.

To see what we’ve created this month, just log in to the app. Meanwhile, here’s a preview of four social posts we especially like.

Motivate your staff and followers to keep going in the face of challenges:

Don't stop until you are proud, Banyan app, pre-made social post

Post an intriguing fact that stimulates curiosity:

Tongue print like snowflake, pre-made social post, Banyan

Show your followers that you’re thankful for them with this peaceful holiday post:

Merry and Bright social post, Banyan

Remind your fans that they can choose a non-Grinchy heart during the Christmas season:

The Grinch, pre-made social posts, Banyan

Before your customers tuck into pumpkin pie this month, they’ll already be feeling the holiday spirit, thanks to the seasonal social posts on your pages.

To learn more about the Banyan app, visit our social product page.