What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for February

Feeling the January blahs in your social posts?  The Banyan app now contains new, custom-made social content to liven up your feed.

Our designers have been hard at work making February colorful and engaging for you.

Simply use this fresh content whenever you need a cushion between your regular photo and video posts.

Banyan has you covered

It’s great when you can share more customer photos and videos. But when you need something quick, Banyan’s pre-made posts can help.

Just log in to Banyan to see what’s new. Here are four of our favorite pre-made posts for February.

2019 is the Year of the Pig! Wish your followers health and happiness on February 5th:

Year of the Pig, Chinese New Year 2019, Banyan social post

Appeal to your customers’ pop-culture geekiness with a dash of good humor:

Batman and Robin, meme, social media post, Banyan

Get presidential on February 18th with an inspiring view from Mount Rushmore:

Presidents Day, social post, meme, national holidays, Banyan app

Remind your fans that they can do anything they set their mind to do this year:

Runner with artificial legs, Inspiration, motivation, social meme, Banyan app

And just like that, your February social posting just got a little simpler. Check out all our pre-made posts in the app!


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Hugo Animal Care png by Ouch, Banyan blog

5 Tips for Creating Likable Content on Social Media

Just a decade ago, most small businesses didn’t pay much attention to social media. Now, creating likable content is a big deal on Facebook and other social channels.

Sure, exceptional service matters most. But online engagement has taken on new significance.

Hey, it’s the digital age.

So, what’s the bottom line? Studies suggest that increasing your online presence through blogging and social media can increase new leads by 55 percent. 

You know you need content that will get your social pages more likes. The challenge is knowing what to create.

Here are five ideas for likable content that will boost your online visibility and build greater trust with your followers.

Proven Formulas for Likable Content

I. Expert Knowledge

Think about all the self-help and other video tutorials floating around on YouTube. Chances are, you’ve viewed one—or several—of these in the past.

What about your own team’s expertise? If you’re in healthcare, you can share a lot of common-sense wellness tips.

Why not video a special health tip of the week (or month) to share with your followers?

Regardless of your industry, you are knowledgeable about something.

For example, here’s a quick tip we shared recently on Banyan’s Facebook page:

Are you fully utilizing the Banyan App?Here is an app tip from Banyan!#BanyanSocial #SocialMediaMarketing #GoogleMyBusiness

Posted by Banyan on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bottom line? Share valuable knowledge with your followers. They’ll appreciate your expertise.

II. Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a FAQ page to your website will not only address common questions but make your patients or customers feel like you are responsive to their concerns.

A FAQ page can also increase your web traffic as search engines send potential patients with those same questions to your site for answers.

Why not video an excerpt from your FAQ to post on social media? We all know that video is the ultimate ‘likable content.’

Case in point: After hearing the question, “How should I brush my baby’s teeth?” a dentist decides to video the answer.

Video Credit: Dr. Aaron D. Johnson, The Smile Center

A little humor can also factor into your FAQ.

Maybe customers always ask where the restrooms are at your business. Create a fun video tour that answers this question in an unusual or humorous way.

Go beyond what your customers expect and you’ll stand out from the competition.

III. Success Stories

As we’ve mentioned before, sharing photos and videos of actual customers is by far the best way to engage your followers on social media.

By hearing from people just like them, future customers can imagine getting the same great treatment when they visit you.

Banyan clients know how easy it can be to text a review request to patients or customers while they’re still on site. From there, a Google review or Facebook recommendation is just a click away.

But video reviews are even better on social media. Did a patient or customer give a glowing review? Feature them on video at their next visit. Win-win!

Video testimonials can also be gold on your website.

Ouch illustration, success, likeable content

IV. Humor

What about sharing funny memes that relate to your customers’ interests and your industry? No-brainer.

While it’s true that not everyone has the same sense of humor, some topics are universally appealing:

  • Silly animals
  • Cute kids
  • Happily surprised customers
  • Industry-specific comics and memes
  • Spoofs, lip-synching, spontaneous dance contests

NOTE: Try to avoid random posts that don’t match your social strategy and marketing goals. But humor is virtually always appreciated.

Consider posting a humorous GIF once a week when most of your customers are likely to be online (remember to include an engaging caption).



It should go without saying that an offensive attempt at humor can have a negative effect on your image, so always run ideas by other team members before clicking the “post” button.

V. Inspiration and Motivation

Motivational quotes and inspirational stories are some of the most shared content on social media.

Even better, once followers start liking your inspirational meme or quote, you can take it even further by investing a few dollars towards a Facebook boost.

If you play your cards right, a timely quote with your logo can get your name in front of thousands.

Inner Bliss, Instagram quote, likeable content

Image Source: Inner Bliss

Likewise, a customer’s or staff member’s uplifting story will make people feel good about your business and show that you care about the individual. 

Now that you have some great content ideas, it’s important to post regularly. A website with 200 or more social media posts will generate five times the leads than those with just a handful of posts.

Every step you take toward more likable content helps generate more online visibility for your business.


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What’s New in the Banyan App? Social Posts for August

August is upon us! What better excuse to enjoy a final burst of summer activity and maybe a few more trips to the beach before school starts?

Meanwhile, the action on your Facebook page doesn’t need to slow down one bit. Banyan’s colorful pre-made posts will help you change things up in your feed until you can take more great photos of patients and guests.

Browse the Banyan App

Each month, we upload new pre-made social media content to the Banyan app. Check out all the great quotes, memes, and visuals we’ve created, including the sampling shown below.

This peachy post reminds your fans to enjoy the last fruits of summer this August:

National Peach Month, Banyan post


Why not share a few timely ‘beat the heat’ tips with your followers?

beat the heat, Banyan meme


As you can see, August is also a great month for camping out under the stars:

Banyan, mountainscape, camping post


Planning a back-to-school event or promotion? Introduce it with this post:

back pack to school, Banyan post


No matter what’s on your list this August, use your Banyan app to make most of every minute and celebrate moments that matter.

To view more pre-made posts, visit the Banyan app.

What pre-made social content would you like to see in the future? Share your feedback with us.